Horse Riding Accident Causes

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Have you had a horse riding accident?

Yes?  You may be able to make a horse accident claim for horse riding injury compensation.

If you have had a Horse Riding Accident, there are lots of factors which we take into account as specialist Horse Accident Claim Solicitors.

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You may think the horse accident was your fault but that might not be the case.  There are lots of reasons people have a horse riding accident so you should always speak to the horse accident experts to find out.

Reasons a Stables may be at fault for your Horse Riding Accident

For years we have dealt with horse riding accident claims where riders have suffered a horse riding accident because of various factors, some of which are listed below:

  1. Failing to take into account that the rider was a total beginner when choosing an instructor and horse which caused a horse riding accident
  2. Permitting an inexperienced and/or unqualified instructor to take a lesson causing a horse accident
  3. Permitting a lesson to go ahead without the instructor attaching a lunge line or lead rope to the horse so it could be controlled leading to a horse riding accident
  4. Failing to properly or suitably supervise the lesson which can easily cause a horse accident
  5. Failing to take proper care for the Claimant’s safety during the lesson
  6. Instructing a rider to ride a horse which was not a riding school pony/horse owned by the stables which can also lead to a horse riding accident
  7. Instructing a rider to ride a horse which was unsuitable given the lack of riding skill and experience which is well known to cause a horse accident
  8. Failing to take heed of verbal complaints that a horse was frisky and skittish
  9. Instructing a rider to canter when it was unsafe to do so given their lack of skill, experience and competency
  10. Failing to teach a rider how to trot properly and safely before instructing them to canter
  11. Failing to train the rider regarding controlling, slowing or stopping a horse in canter which is also a cause of horse riding accidents
  12. Allowing a lesson to take place in a small paddock with a wooden fence surrounding it and then having the horse go round the outside of the paddock close to the fence. Due to these factors an accident nature would likely result in severe damage through the rider coming into contact with the solid wooden fence


100% of our Horse Riding Accident Claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis. If your Horse Accident claim is unsuccessful it will not cost you anything.

Horse Accident Information

Information relating to the Horse being ridden at the time is important if that was the cause of your horse riding accident.  For a horse accident claim we will find out:

  1. Breed
  2. Is the horse a mare, stallion or gelding?
  3. Name
  4. Age
  5. Height in hands
  6. Who owned the horse at the time of the accident
  7. Experience with riding lessons
  8. Date of purchase
  9. Any history of other riders being thrown from the horse from 12 months before the accident to date
  10. Documents regarding ownership, pedigree, history, medical conditions, riding school qualifications, etc

We will also ask to see qualifications and certificates which entitle people to teach others to ride horses.  We are well aware that some Stables will offer inducements to people such as “if you teach this person to ride in a private lesson we will give you free rent” and so on. 

What We Can Do For You

We are experienced horse riding accident claims Solicitors and specialise in dealing with horse accident claims.   We will run your claim against the responsible party to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of horse riding accident injury compensation.

Once we have taken all the relevant information we will be able to start your claim for Horse Riding Accident Compensation.

100% of our Horse Riding Accident Claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis which means that you do not have to worry about any financial risk at all as if your Horse Riding Accident claim is unsuccessful it will not cost you anything. 

Meeting Us

We are able to give you immediate legal representation, rehabilitation and treatment no matter where you are in England, Scotland or Wales. We also provide urgent:

  • Home visits
  • Hospital visits for those who are unable to meet us at home
  • Face to face meeting at one of our private meeting rooms based in most UK cities

If you think that you have a Horse Riding Accident claim, would like to have a chat about a potential Horse Riding Accident claim or just require further information, contact us now.

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