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Your Rejected Personal Injury Claim

The first thing to remember…… is not to lose hope.

  • A Rejected Personal Injury Claim may still have chances of success.
  • Indeed, our practice which started out in 2007 quickly made a name for itself by taking claims rejected by other solicitors and using our experience to turn them round and – winning them time after time!
  • So if you believe that you have genuine grounds for complaint another solicitor may well be prepared to take on your claim.
  • But where do you go and what can you do to maximize your chances of finding another solicitor?
  • If you contact us we will use all our years of experience to assess your claim and advise you about your prospects of success.
  • This means that you can have the benefit of a second opinion (free of charge) and the reassurance as to what should be your next step.


Why are Personal Injury Claims Rejected?

Solicitors will take into account many factors when deciding whether a claim has continued prospects of success…

  • Will it be a ‘Sure Win’ case?

    It’s sad but true but sometimes solicitors will not fight claims once they receive a denial as they may fear its too much of a struggle to win the argument.

    Or maybe they simply don’t have the experience under their belt to put together winning arguments.

    If your claim has been rejected and you feel this decision is flawed then we urge you to contact us for advice.

    You should know that it’s not unusual for us to obtain an admission of liability or receive an offer once we have placed the claim on the right footing.

  • Is there Sufficient Proof?

Personal Injury Claims are rejected sometimes because there may be a lack of supporting evidence.

This can occur because the Claim was brought long after the incident or may be simply down to the solicitor having failed to carry out the right enquiries.

Put your claim in our hands and we can check whether the right questions have been asked and if there are any other avenues that could be explored.

  • Not Commercially Viable?

On occasions solicitors can arrive at the conclusion that a claim is not viable to pursue because of the costs involved.

The claim is rejected but there may well be ways of justifying the expense or tackling the claim in a different more cost effective way.

  • Is there a Court Deadline Looming?

It’s a sad fact that claims can be rejected just on the cusp of the 3 year limitation period as there may be too much work for your solicitor to carry out or not enough time to be able to finalise enquiries.

There’s really no excuse for there to be an issue with this especially if you instructed your solicitor not long after suffering your accident.

If we can help in these circumstances of course we will but if you are up against a deadline it’s so important that you look for a second opinion urgently before it is too late.


Don't Panic Stamp

Your New Solicitor – What should You be Looking For?

The Firm’s Track Record And Reputation

  • Has the firm established itself in the service of legal procedures to be considered capable of getting the job done?
  • This one has, Carter & Carter Solicitors will know how to and will be more than capable of delivering.
  • Have they earned a good status as a firm that sticks to their values and ideals?
  • Like how Carter & Carter Solicitors has done, maintaining the integrity and reliability of the firm for years.

Solicitor’s Ability To Take On Work

They should be well-versed on Personal Injury Claims enough to know how to manoeuvre even the trickiest cases.

You will want a solicitor who knows what they are doing and is not afraid to learn along the way to winning.

The Team’s Dedication And Motivation To Pursuing Personal Injury Claims

Regardless of the money, the Solicitor and their firm should believe in helping those who deserve to receive due compensation for a Personal Injury.

You will want a solicitor who will put their 100% into your case and more.



Your Rejected Personal Injury Claim – How We can Help You?


  • There’s no substitute for picking up the phone so that we can understand why your previous solicitor rejected your claim.
  • It may be your solicitor had valid reasons for arriving at the conclusion that your claim doesn’t have reasonable prospects of success.
  • We won’t give you false hope but just honest professional advice based on all our years of experience in this field.
  • If we consider there are reasonable chance of success then we will take over the claim and look to win it for you.
  • If we believe that you have sound arguments then we will normally want to obtain your file of papers.
  • This can be done easily and quickly once you have completed the relevant transfer form.
  • Once we have your file of papers we will put to good use all our years of experience so every avenue is explored and we can formulate arguments to help you win your claim.
  • ***Remember we have done this time after time before!***
  • Look here for just one example of how we managed to turn around the fortunes of one of our clients whose claim which was worth £24,999 …….and was rejected by his original Solicitors!

because……if you don’t ask you’ll never know!


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