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How to find your Work Accident Lawyer?

Finding a work accident lawyer is not necessarily an easy task.

There are so many different solicitors out there – where do you start and what should you be looking for?

First – Touch Base with Us

Call us to discuss your claim and we will advise you whether your compensation claim is likely to be successful. (Don’t worry, we are friendly and always happy to hear from new clients.)

Forms to you for Checking

If your claim has prospects of success then we will send you the initial forms for you to complete and return but that’s not all – to make things easy we will fill in all the details for you so it’s just a question of you checking and signing the forms.

We then get to Work

Once you have returned the forms we will carefully draft the details of your claim and notify your opponent of your claim making sure that it is framed in the best possible way.

Gathering evidence to support your Claim

We will then organise a medical appointment with a suitably qualified expert who will be instructed to prepare a report dealing with your injuries and the prognosis for the future.

As well as considering any treatment and rehabilitation that you may require we will also gather together details of any financial losses that you have suffered arising out of the accident.

Disclosure & Negotiations

Once we have all the medical evidence and other supporting documentation in relation to your claim then we will invite proposals from your opponent.

More often than not negotiations will take place and naturally we will do all that we can to ensure that you receive the very best compensation for your injuries.

Striving for the best result for You  

If your opponent is not willing to negotiate or puts forward an offer that we believe is too low then:

  • We will recommend that you proceed by the institution of legal proceedings.
  • Again we will draft all the necessary forms for you and we will commence legal proceedings on your behalf with a view to obtaining the compensation you deserve.
  • Please be assured that the overwhelming majority of claims which are issued in court are settled before a final trial but if necessary we will run your claim to a final court hearing.
  • In view of our extensive experience in compensation claims, happily we are accustomed to winning cases and obtaining the best possible awards.
  • Before finalising your claim we will of course make a point of ensuring you are happy with the proposed terms of settlement.
  • Once the claim has been settled you will receive the compensation via cheque or bank transfer, whichever is more convenient. (If for any reason your claim is unsuccessful then you have no need to worry there will be nothing for you to pay – guaranteed and in accordance with the terms of our genuine no win no fee agreement.)

To sum up – we’re here to help you every step of the way:

  • We will do all that we can to make the claims process as simple and straightforward as possible and make sure that you are always kept abreast of how things are going.
  • We pride ourselves in looking after all of our clients and making sure they are comfortable with the work that we are undertaking.
  • Have a little look at the many testimonials we have received from our clients (who do their best to make us blush! 🙂 )