Can I Sue My Hairdresser?

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Can I Sue My Hairdresser?

Helping You with Your Hairdressing Compensation Claim

Can I Sue My Hairdresser is a question we get asked quite a lot. (In fact it’s not unusual for the hairdresser to try and blame you for their mistakes!)

If you have damaged hair, you may be wondering what your legal rights are:

Eligibility for Hairdressing Compensation Claims

If you are interested in bringing a compensation claim against a hair salon what do you have to prove?

• Your hairdresser owed you a duty of care.

• Your hairdresser violated this duty of care.

• You suffered injuries as a consequence.

So if you’re injured at a hair salon due to the hairstylist’s fault you have the right to sue the hairstylist or salon.  While this won’t undo the damage to your hair or get rid of the pain, by claiming you stand to receive compensation to help you get over the physical and emotional fall out. Taking action also serves as a deterrent preventing  similar incidents happening to others.

In general, you can sue someone for personal injury and loss that they have caused to you. This includes damaged hair.

There are a few things to keep in mind when making a hair damage claim.

• Firstly, the damages must be of a certain seriousness in order to warrant legal action.

• Secondly, it is important to have evidence of the damage. This can include photographic evidence or expert             evidence in support of personal injury claims.

• Finally, it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after the damage occurs in order to protect your      position and your rights.

Hairdressing Compensation Claims are directed against hairdressers for all sorts of injury such as chemical burns involving peroxide powders, allergic reactions, over-processing hair, negligence by the stylist and faulty equipment to name just a few. We have had clients who have had to cut off 36+ inches  (3 feet!) of hair because it has been so badly damaged by their hairdresser.

Expert Guidance for Hair Damage Compensation Claims: Choose the Right Solicitor

Bringing a personal injury claim against your hairdresser is not a mainstream area of the law and you need to be sure you choose the right lawyer

If you need a Specialist Hairdressing Injury Claims Solicitor to Help You then You are in the Right Place!

  • We have years of experience handling No Win No Fee Claims arising out of hairdressing disasters.
  • There’s no doubt it’s hugely distressing when things go wrong and we will always handle compensation claims sympathetically.
  • We help people like you throughout the UK and can offer a 100% genuine No Win No Fee service.  This means that you will never have to worry about expensive legal fees.
  • We know from all our years of experience dealing with compensation claims that it’s certainly no laughing matter. Hairdressing injuries can be terribly painful, distressing and definitely worth pursing.
  • We can take you through the whole personal injury claims process and you’ll receive the benefit of all our experience.
  • At the same time we will be seeking to make a claim which maximises your hair damage compensation using  trusted partners. We have connections with barristers, medical advisers and leading trichologists who are also experts in their respective fields.
  • Find out if you can make a claim and let us take up the strain so claiming hair damage compensation will be as easy and stress free as possible.


If you have damaged hair and would like to discuss your legal options, please get in touch about making a claim on a free no obligation basis.

Hairdressing  is Unregulated – Have You been Unlucky?

Incredibly there are over 40,000 hairdressing, barbering and beauty businesses in the UK.

What many people don’t realise is that these businesses are unregulated. This means it’s not necessary to have certain qualifications or experience to trade. The unfortunate answer is that, in the UK, hairdressing is unregulated, which means that there is no governing body to turn to in order to seek redress for damages. It’s easy to see why hairdressing compensation claims are not at all uncommon.

This lack of regulation also means that there are no set standards for how hairdressers should operate, which can lead to poor practice and potential damage to your hair. In fact, a study by the BBC found that nearly half of all hairdressers admitted to causing some form of hair damage, either through poor technique or the use of inappropriate products.

It can take a very long time for ruined hair and skin irritations to recover. The impact upon confidence, self esteem and general sense of well being can never be under estimated. We know just how devastating the consequences can be if your hair and scalp are damaged by your hairdresser.

As well as the physical effects it’s not unusual for a client’s mental health to suffer too. It’s no surprise that clients who have suffered in this way feel strongly about being let down and wish to pursue a hair damage personal injury claim.

Contact us on 01663 761 892 and we will help you with your hair damage claim.

So what Can Go Wrong at the Hairdressers?

There are many reasons why you might be looking to make a compensation claim arising out of a visit to the hair salon:

There may be a hair training issue resulting in a number of distressing problems. Your hairdresser must be trained and able to carry out the various styles. They need to have proper supervision and be able to carry out their job competently.

We know that all too often short cuts are made because salons are so busy and the hairdresser is trying to treat different people at the same time which leaves the salon open to a personal injury compensation claim.

We hear complaints all the time about Hair Loss, Burns, Allergic Reactions, Skin irritation as well as Dermatitis. Often the starting point for things going horribly wrong is the hairdresser’s failure to carry out some basic tests before starting the treatment; here are some common ones:

Strand Test: is advisable to perform on a person’s hair before carrying out such techniques as bleaching or perming (the highly destructive processes). This test is to check that the hair can withstand the process asked for. A cutting of hair is usually taken and processed independently before the client commits to the process.

Patch Test: A test performed on the skin at least 48 hours before application to the scalp, the patch test itself is the best indication as to whether the customer is allergic to the product, if there is no reaction it is deemed safe to use the product. Manufacturers guidelines stipulate that a patch test must be performed if the hair dye has not been used on the client before or if a new shade is being used, or if the last application exceeds 6 months.

Incompatibility Test: Previous chemical products used before a colouring or perming service may react with the chemicals that will be used by the hairdresser for the service they have been asked to provide; this may influence the outcome of the processing of which the hairdresser will be able to foresee. For example; previously coloured hair may not lift as well as expected and so will not be able to achieve the level of lift expected, this in turn may cause the hairdresser to over process the hair to achieve the colour desired.

We have listed below some common causes of damage to hair in more detail:

Over Processing of Hair – this happens when there are too many products applied to the hair in too short a period of time; the product is too strong or it has been left on too long. Alternatively the product could be too strong for the hair, or it’s been left on for too long. Hairdressers should guard against over processing by carrying out appropriate strand tests before carrying out the treatment.  For example, bleach is an oxidising agent used in hairdressing to penetrate the hair and ‘lift’ colour shades. This can be a very destructive procedure to the hair fibres as it weakens the hair structure.

Incorrectly Fitted Extensions – the extensions have to be placed at the right intervals and also with the correct amount of bond. If the hair extensions are not fitted in the correct manner then severe damage to the scalp and associated headaches can occur.

Chemical burns to the Scalphairdressers should always use chemicals in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. They also need to ensure in particular not to leave the product on too long otherwise skin damage to the scalp as well as the hair is likely to result. Hair in this instance can become thin and brittle and often there’s no choice to cut the hair short in an effort to help it to recover.

Allergic reactions – these are commonly caused by hair dye but they can be avoided by a simple skin test which will reveal any issues such as swelling and rashes. This is where a small amount of hair dye is dabbed onto the skin 24-48 hours before the treatment to ensure there is not going to be any allergic reaction. If you have not been offered a patch test and suffer an allergic reaction you may well want to make a hairdressing compensation claim. This is a particular problem that we encounter on a daily basis. Unfortunately there are hairdresser salons who fail to carry out patch testing before applying hair dye exposing their customers to the risk of an allergic reaction. These reactions can be really serious and require urgent hospital treatment. Hairdressers also carry out a hair strand tests to make sure the chemicals used on the hair will not harm the hair follicles.

Cuts –  there is no excuse for you to suffer cuts at a hairdressers. It simply means your hairdresser has failed to carry out their work with the necessary skill and care. Cuts may also occur if the equipment being used is not functioning correctly or hasn’t been maintained properly.

Hair Loss and Bald Patches – this can be temporary as well as permanent in which case damages for injury rise exponentially. These type of hairdresser compensation claims can arise through problems with the salon equipment and or the individual stylist’s failings.

Faulty Equipment – it stands to reason that hair damage claims can arise out of a failure to ensure the equipment is working properly and doesn’t result in damaged hair and then hair damage claims.

Dermatitis – this can be caused by a combination of factors including exposure to chemicals, contact with water and detergents as well as hot air. Either way dermatitis can be a painful source of irritation for clients who invariably feel uncomfortable and self conscious. Hair salon insurers will often argue that the dermatitis is unrelated to the hair visit to the hairdresser.

It’s then a case of obtaining the right medical evidence to show compensation is warranted. Irritant contact dermatitis occurs when chemicals or physical agents damage the surface of the skin faster than the skin is able to repair the damage. Irritants remove oils and moisture (natural moisturising factor) from its outer layer, allowing chemical irritants to penetrate more deeply and cause further damage by triggering inflammation. The severity of the dermatitis is highly variable and depends on many factors including:

Amount and strength of the irritant

Length and frequency of exposure (e.g., short heavy exposure or repeated/prolonged low

Skin susceptibility (e.g., thick, thin, oily, dry, very fair, previously damaged skin or pre-existing atopic tendency)

Environmental factors (e.g., high or low temperature or humidity)

Irritants include such everyday things as water, detergents, solvents, acids, alkalis, adhesives, metalworking fluids and friction. Often several of these acts together to injure the skin.

The list could go on and on but we are able to advise on any issue relating to claiming compensation for damage to the hair.

We offer free specialist advice so start your claim with us today….

Can I Sue a Hairdresser for Compensation?

In general terms compensation is payable when the hairdresser fails to take proper care of your safety resulting in hair injury, damage or loss.

Your Hairdresser has a duty of care to ensure that things don’t go wrong.

Often this will mean you have suffered physical damage to your hair or have suffered a scalp injury which may in turn lead to psychological harm.

If your hair has been damaged in any way and you want to make a hair damage claim then we would be delighted to hear from you.

We will be able to let you know whether we consider your hair case is likely to be successful and whether you can claim compensation.

We will always be happy to give you free, initial practical advice to protect your position – make a phone call to us now on 01663 761 892 so we can talk this through.

Start your hair damage claim here against your hair stylist and receive free legal advice and on a 100% No Win No Fee basis.

Is your Hairdresser Insured?

Unfortunately this can be a real issue if you make a hair injury claim against your hairdresser.

Sometimes it transpires that there is no insurance in place at all and other times the insurer attempts to avoid having to pay out on the grounds that the Defendant has failed to comply with the terms of the policy.

The hair dressing industry is completely unregulated and this means the public can be at risk.

It’s quite shocking that hairdressing salons have no Regulator to ensure that every business has proper insurance in place. After all, hairdressers apply a variety of chemicals that can do real damage in untrained or unqualified hands.

For too long members of the public have struggled, not because they don’t have a sound negligence claim, but on the basis there is no insurer to claim from.

In some circumstances it is necessary to sue a hairdresser personally for injury compensation.

How Much is Your Claim Worth?

Every hair claim is different and involves a range of possible heads of damage and financial losses.

It is therefore difficult and nigh on impossible to provide even a general valuation unless we speak with you personally.

If you do contact us to enquire about hairdresser compensation claims then we will let you know our thoughts on the value of your claim.

We have lots experience in bringing hair claims and we’ll let you have all the advice you need to move forward with your hair damage claim.

Calculating Your Hair Damage Compensation – How Much Compensation?

General Damages is compensation to cover the pain suffering and loss of amenity which has flowed from the personal injury. This head of loss takes into account the impact that the damage to your hair has had on your everyday life which can very often be really serious and far reaching.

Questions such as whether you have suffered a scalp injury or hair falling out or brittle hair and the nature of any medical attention is important when assessing how much compensation you are likley to receive for your hairdresser injury.

The award for hairdresser compensation will vary between hair injury claims. This is why it is important that your specialist solicitors takes the trouble to obtain a detailed account from you running through all the appropriate details. This will give How much Compensation?

Special Damages – this head of compensation is to enable the Claimant to recover all their reasonable out of pocket expenses. So this tends to include quantifiable losses such as earnings, medical costs and fees, travelling expenses or any item of expense that you have incurred r property (such as your clothes or car) that have resulted from the accident.

How Much Compensation? In broad terms and in our experience these types of hairdressing compensation claims can be worth anything from £3,000 – £10,000. Much depends upon the nature and extent of the injuries and the timescale of recovery. There can be really serious injury in some instances where hairdressing disasters lead to very significant awards of compensation. Whether there is not much compensation or whether the professional negligence leads to you being able to make a substantial claim we are here to help you.

It needs to be remembered that a great deal depends upon the extent of any psychological damage and of course the speed of recovery.

  • We would be delighted to hear from you so that we can speak to you about your damaged hair claim and your particular circumstances.
  • We can then look to provide you with an initial valuation to help you.
  • Please remember that a final valuation can only be given once we have all the appropriate medical evidence, this will deal with the nature extent of the damage and also the all important prognosis for recovery. Hairdressing compensation claims are all different and need to be assessed individually.
  • Get in touch with us now on 01663 761 892 so we can discuss your hair damage injury claim and receive free specialist advice that will genuinely help you.


What are Your Legal Rights when You have Suffered Hair Damage?

First of all, it’s very important to tell your hairdresser that you are unhappy with your hair treatments.

  • If you don’t express your dissatisfaction at the time then you may well be considered to have no genuine cause for complaint. For this reason, if you are going to pay anything for the hairdresser injury then the payment should definitely be made under protest.
  • Hairdressers are responsible for providing a service and the Consumer Rights Act 2015 governs them.
  • You can always ask the hairdresser to try to put things right but very often this won’t be something you will want to consider especially if they have already damaged your hair.
  • A Hairdresser Compensation Claim is the obvious remedy here and this is where we can help to protect your position with our Personal Injury Lawyers.
  • Our Claims service will ensure all the various heads of damage are investigated and submitted so that you come away with the right level of Hair Damage Compensation.
  • Contact us and we will be delighted to let you know if you are able to proceed with a hair damage compensation claim.


Step-by-Step Walkthrough: The Process of Suing Your Hairdresser

Bringing a claim against your hairdresser can be an intimidating task and you may well be uncertain about where to begin. So we’ve set out below a guide which will take you through the process to ensure you’re on the right path:

1. Document Your Appointment & be sure to Formally Report the Incident

Be sure to record the date and time of the appointment and jot down the stylist’s name and salon details. Make sure if at all possible that you note any products applied to your hair during your treatment.

The duration of your visit may be relevant so record this and take the time to write down what was said by the stylist in relation to the issues you encountered.

On occasions the stylist may apologise for what has happened and it’s important to record exactly what was said. Some client’s of ours have taken photographs of the damage to their hair actually inside the salon and this type of evidence can clearly be helpful for your claim.

Report the matter to the manager of the salon making sure that you have their full name and follow up any oral complaint in writing. (We know from our experience that salons sometime attempt to wriggle out of liability by claiming our client never even attended the salon for treatment.) We cannot underestimate how important it is for you to have good evidence to prove which salon was responsible for your hairdresser injury.

When you report the incident ask for details of the Salon’s Insurers.

2. Collecting Evidence to Assist Your Claim

Photographs are extremely important in the context of hair damage claims and it’s essential that you capture a whole range of images of your injury that clearly shows the nature and extent of the damage. Remember to make a note of exactly when the photographs were taken and continue to take photographs at regular intervals.

Preserve strands of damaged hair in a clean plastic bag so that if necessary the trichologist can test these.

When looking to bring a claim it’s always helpful to retrieve any photographs that show the condition of your hair before the incident as doing this will help to prove the damage was caused by the salon in question.

Depending upon the nature of the damage consider consulting your doctor for a diagnosis and treatment of your hair damage. Make sure to record all the appointment details and jot down a summary of what your doctor had to say so that you can relay this to your solicitor.

3. Instruct Your Solicitor

Reach out to us so that we can help and advice you on all the different aspects of your claim so that we can give you the best chances of succeeding with your claim. We offer a no obligation assessment of your claim so that you can feel comfortable that you are in safe hands before taking the next step.

If you would like to proceed by instructing us then we will prepare the detailed let of claim to the defendant and set out in clear terms the steps to be taken on your behalf. As experienced litigators in the filed of hair damage claims we are able to draw upon our close ties with trichology experts and barristers specialising in hair damage claims as well as relevant medical experts. By harnessing these contacts who have specific expertise in this area we are able to enhance your chances of success and also the compensation you receive.

4. Resolving Your Claim – By Negotiation or at Court

We will put your claim on the best footing and with a view to settling matters amicably and without the need for court proceedings. However if the Defendant fails to agree liability or puts forward an offer that we believe is inadequate we will issue court proceedings to secure the compensation you deserve.

If court proceedings prove necessary then the process will take longer although it’s not unusual for Defendant’s to come to the negotiating table once a claim is litigated. Most claims will settle before court and its only a tiny minority that ever end up in court at a final contested hearing.

5. Don’t be tempted to Undergo Further Hair Treatment until Advised Otherwise

There is a danger that if you undergo more treatment in an effort to remedy matters you may well suffer further damage.

Not only that, there is also every chance you could complicate the issue of causation. It’s easy to see how the first stylist could point the finger at the second stylist and claim they were not responsible for the damage.

You now have a difficult evidential burden to prove and the chances of you succeeding may well be diminished.

Much better to leave any further treatment until your legal team and the trichologist have had the opportunity to assess matters.

Get in touch with us for free legal advice – making a claim is straight forward when you come with us.

Navigating the Hair Damage Compensation Process with Expert Guidance:

  • Once you contact us we will be pleased to confirm whether we consider you claim has prospects of success and can successfully claim compensation.
  • If so then we will help go through the various heads of loss to ensure everything is included in your personal injury claim so you receive the maximum injury compensation.
  • We’ll send out a detailed letter of claim to the Defendant salon so you can sue a hairdresser setting out all the issues arising from the hair salon negligence.
  • The Salon’s insurers will respond to confirm if the hair damage claim is accepted. Otherwise they will set out the grounds upon which the personal injury claim is denied.
  • Hairdresser Injury Claims normally involve gathering expert evidence from a trichologist to support your claim and we will organise this for you. We use trichology experts that are tried and tested for hairdresser injury claims and we are able to ensure the whole compensation claims process is as easy as possible for you.
  • If after the service of the medical evidence the defendant continues to contest hairdressing claims we will proceed to court with your hair damage claim.
  • The Hair Damage Compensation Claims process from start to finish can take between 3 to 18 months. Much depends upon the extent of the injuries and whether the hairdresser injury claim is defended.
  • Hair Damage Claims can not only be defended but there is often a reluctance for the Defendant’s insurers to pay much compensation. It is then up to us to negotiate with the hair solon’s insurers so we get the right result for your hairdresser injury claim.
  • Even if the hairdresser injury claim is defended then this doesn’t mean to say it will end up in court. Only a tiny proportion of Hair Damage Claims against hairdressers end up at final court hearing. Insurers will often contest liability of injury claims until they realise that the Claimant is not going to be intimidated!
  • So if you sue a hairdresser using No Win No Fee specialist personal injury solicitors who know what they are doing then you are in all likelihood going to enjoy a good overall result.


Why talk to us?

As Specialist Hair Lawyers we have lots of experience and expertise to help you bring your hairdressing personal injury claim.

We specialise in Hair Damage Claims against hairdressers and are able to help you where ever you live in England and Wales.

We will talk to you sympathetically and let you have a honest assessment of the likely amount of your injury compensation for your hairdresser injury.

You can be sure that you will get all the help you need and we will be with you every step of the way.

We will finalise your hairdresser injury compensation claim on the best terms available.

Please look at our trusted reviews which will tell you what our clients’ think of us.

We are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority giving you peace of mind.

We’ll get you the injury compensation you deserve and on a No Win No Fee basis so you have no financial risk if you lose.

Contact us today on a free no obligation basis – if you like you can start your No Win No Fee Injury Claim today.

Hairdressing Compensation Claims via a No Win No Fee?  – Absolutely…

  • We offer our clients who wish to sue a hairdresser a genuine No Win No Fee agreement which you can truly count upon.
  • If for any reason your hair injury claim doesn’t succeed then no problem we will not charge you a penny.
  • As a professional Law Firm specialising in compensation claims we will finance your claim from beginning to end – there’s no money to be paid upfront.
  • There’s no need to worry about hidden charges and getting into costly agreements that you might encounter with a certain claims management company.
  • You won’t be left out of pocket when making a hair claim – whatever happens.
  • Negligence Claims against hairdressers for hair damage injury is what we do!


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In particular David has for years specialised in bringing claims on behalf of clients who have suffered hair damage and therefore has a huge amount of experience in this field with to results to match. He has consistently secured favourable and winning results for his clients.

David is a hands-on solicitor who deals with every aspect of the claim from start to finish. He will be ruthless in his quest to secure his clients the best result possible having honed his legal skills during a very varied career.

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