Evidence for Horse Riding Accidents

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Follow these simple tips to ensure you’ve got all the evidence you need to make a successful Horse Riding Injury Claim.

Helpful Information

We will gather lots of information on your behalf once we start your Horse Riding Injury Claim but if you are able to obtain any of these bits of information at the outset that would be helpful:

  1. Witness Details
  2. Photos of the Scene and Horse
  3. Registration number of any vehicles involved
  4. Reporting to Police if necessary
  5. Breed of Horse
  6. Is the horse a mare, stallion or gelding
  7. Name
  8. Age
  9. Height in hands
  10. Who owned the horse at the time of the accident
  11. Experience with riding lessons
  12. Date of purchase
  13. Any history of other riders being thrown from the horse from 12 months pre-accident to date
  14. Documents regarding ownership, pedigree, history, medical conditions, riding school qualifications, etc
  15. Instructor Qualifications
  16. Complete an Accident Book Entry

To make a horse riding injury claim, get in touch with our No Win No Fee Solicitors on freephone 0800 652 0586 or click the “Free Enquiry” button for an immediate call back.

Once we have taken all the relevant information we will be able to start your claim for Horse Riding Injury Compensation.

100% of our Horse Riding Injury Claims are made on a No Win No Fee basis which means that you do not have to worry about any financial risk at all as if your Horse Riding Injury claim is unsuccessful it will not cost you anything. 

Meeting Us

We are able to give you immediate legal representation, rehabilitation and treatment no matter where you are in England, Scotland or Wales. We also provide urgent:

  • Home visits
  • Hospital visits for those who are unable to meet us at home
  • Face to face meeting at one of our private meeting rooms based in most UK cities

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