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Needle Stick

Needle Stick Injuries at Work

Needle Stick Injuries can happen in almost any situation but if you come into contact with Needle Sticks on a regular basis as part of your job then the risks of suffering an Needle Stick Injury are that much higher.

Needle Stick

Who is at Risk from Needle Stick Injuries at Work?

There is a surprisingly wide group of people who are at risk from Needle Stick Injury as a consequence of their working environment. Obvious candidates include Nurses and Doctors and other Health Care Workers who routinely dealing with needle sticks.

There are then others such as:

  • Contract cleaners;
  • The  Police;
  • Prison officers;
  • Vets;
  • Park Keepers;
  • Refuse collectors to name just a few.

Each of these types of job expose the worker to a risk of Needle Stick Injury at work.

Lets have a look at some of these different of jobs and some of the issues that arise:

Hospital and Health Workers and How We can help?

This group of people regularly come into contact with needle sticks as part of their duties and to a large extent the risks can be managed and controlled by training, supervision and implementation of appropriate procedures.

Unfortunately, as we know only too well from our experience of handling Needle Stick Injuries at work, there are occasions where mistakes occur and injuries are sustained.

Injuries are suffered for a variety of reasons such as a lack of training, supervision and or a failure to adopt the right procedures.

We have even come across situations where our Client has been given protective gloves and equipment which are not suitable for providing proper protection against needle stick injuries at work. This is unforgivable and in this instance the compensator rightly but reluctantly accepted that our client here warranted compensation.

  • As solicitors who specialise in Needle Stick Injuries at Work we are very well placed to discuss your circumstances and advise whether Your claim is one that is likely to succeed



  • We will put all our years of experience to good use and give you the best chances of success with your Needle Stick Injury at Work claim.

Refuse Workers and Needle Stick Injury Claims

We have dealt with a number of these types of claim where our client has sustained a Needle Stick Injury at work as a consequence of poor systems of work.

Thankfully there are local councils in England and Wales who have introduced wheelie bins for the depositing and collection of waste and this has led to a reduction of the risk of Needle Stick Injuries.

However there is still a hard core of local councils who for various operational reasons have retained the old system of collecting rubbish which is simply placed in a plastic bin bag by the resident. This means that the refuse collector is obliged to pick up the bags manually and in turn there is instantly the risk of the collector sustaining a Needle Stick Injury.

However good the training and even where the protective gloves are of a good standard there remains the ever present risk of a Needle Stick injury occurring in this working environment.

Contract Cleaners  and Needle Stick Injuries

There’s no doubt that cleaners are predisposed to the risk of Needle Stick Injury as they are likely to work in a variety of places whether in private or public areas. Again, there is always the chance that Needle Sticks have been carelessly abandoned after use wherever the Cleaner happens to be working.

It is common for Hospitals to sub-contract cleaning services so there will be an obvious and prevalent risk of injury in this context. Cleaners may operate in parks, on streets, public toilets, cinemas (incidentally we won a claim for a lady who suffered a Needle Stick Injury in a cinema when she reached into a drinks holder in front of her and pricked her hand) as well as  prisons to mention just a few.

  • Wherever you have suffered Your Needle Stick Injury we will be delighted to provide You with advice and assistance and will give you a good idea about how much Your claim might be worth.
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