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You won’t pay us any fees… if for any reason your claim is lost – Guaranteed!

We won’t lumber you with an insurance policy you don’t need and you won’t have to pay for disbursements either!

No Win No Fee in a Nut Shell

No Win No Fee – If you lose your claim you pay ABSOLUTELY NOTHING so you have nothing to lose by making a claim!

There are other advantages to appointing us as your solicitors, too, not least our 20 years plus of experience in the claims industry, and the respect by which we’re held by others in the UK legal profession.

Our extensive experience often allows us to take on claims that other solicitors have rejected as unwinnable.

If you’re still a little unsure why not take a moment to have a look at what Great Things our clients are saying about us? (while we blush!)

How does the No Win No Fee Compensation Process Work?

  1. Talk to us about your claim and we will tell you based on our experience whether we believe you have a claim which is worth pursuing. We’ll also be able to give you an idea about the amount of compensation you could receive if you are successful.
  2. If we believe that you have a good chance of success we will offer you a genuine No Win No Fee agreement. Our agreement has no hidden costs or charges and is very straightforward to understand. We are able to offer you this service by relying upon our expertise to assess and review your claim in an accurate way – after all if you are not successful with your claim then we don’t get paid from the other side!
  3. Once you have signed and returned the No Win No Fee Agreement we will immediately start to progress your claim.
  4. We will use our considerable experience to do all we can to obtain compensation for you on the best terms. Going to court is very rare and they say that only 1% of all personal injury claims reach court so the chances are we will be able to secure you the result you are looking for without you needing to attend court.

Can I make a No Win No Fee Claim?

A claim can be brought if you have suffered an injury that was caused as a result of another party’s fault usually within the last 3 years.

If you are unsure about whether you have a claim then we will be only too pleased to chat things over with you and help you in any way we can.

So what exactly is a No win No Fee Agreement?

Most personal injury solicitors offer No Win No Fee Agreements but only some guarantee that you have no charges to pay if you lose your claim.

We assure you, just like for the thousands of people we have helped over the years, you can bring your claim without having to worry about paying any upfront costs.

We guarantee that if you don’t win the case then you will not have to pay anything to us.  After all you have already suffered once following your injury and the very last thing you want or should expect is a bill for your legal costs if things don’t go to plan!

We can therefore assure you that there won’t be any nasty surprises or fees and you can sit back and relax knowing that your claim will be dealt with to the highest standards giving you the best chances of success.

Exceptions to our No Win No Fee Agreement?

There aren’t any!

– If we agree to accept your claim on a No Win No Fee basis then it’s risk-free and we will never charge you if you happen to lose… although we always take on your claim with a view to winning and on the best possible terms!

Why should you choose our No Win No Fee Agreement?

  • We are solicitors who will be delighted to deal with your claim.
  • We have been handling personal injury claims for more than 20 years and so will be able to tell you from the outset whether you have a claim which is likely to succeed.
  • Our extensive experience often means that we will look at and take on claims which less experienced firms might have rejected.
  • We are not one of the many claims management companies who exist just to farm your claim out to a panel of solicitors. You deal with us directly and we will use all our experience to secure you the best result.  Your claim will be dealt with by an experienced qualified solicitor who has spent their whole career specialising in compensation claims.
  • Instruct a specialist solicitor who will deal personally with you and your claim and don’t leave the success of your claim to chance!

How to start a no win no fee claim?

The first step is simply to call us for free on 0800 652 0586. Your free call will be on a no-obligation basis and we will help you in the first instance to decide whether your claim is likely to succeed.

We’ll listen carefully to all that you have to say and will be only too happy to answer any of your questions.

We’ll also try to understand the effects the accident has had on your life so we can make an initial assessment of the value of your claim.

Call us now so we can help to get your claim started if that is what you would like.

Contact Us and We’ll take care of Everything

Why not get in touch and discuss your claim?

Even if you’re not yet committed to taking a claim forward, if you’ve suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault, we’ll be able to give you some free, impartial advice on your chances of success.

Fill in our claim form or call us now free on 0800 652 0586 – you’ll be very pleased you did!.

We look forward to talking to you!