Claiming Compensation – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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 How do I Start my Claim for Compensation?

We have done our best to make everything as easy as possible for you so it’s really just a question of you getting in touch by whatever means is most convenient.

Once we receive your enquiry we will chat things through and will let you know whether we believe your claim is worth pursuing.

Our initial forms will be completed and sent out to you in the post or by email and once we have these returned we will start progressing your claim straightaway keeping you informed of developments as they occur.

Will I have to complete loads of paperwork?

We know how much of a drag it can be to fill out reams of paperwork.

  • The beauty of our system is that we will deal with everything over the telephone and pre-populate our forms with the information that we need from you.
  • Very often this means that all you need to do is check the information and then return it to us approved so we are able to start your claim quickly and easily upon return of your forms.
  • We can deal with your claim by post but we’re more than happy to deal with you via email if you prefer but either way we will be looking to progress your claim rapidly and with a minimum of fuss.

What will it Cost  Me?

We operate a genuine 100% no win no fee service which means that if your claim is unsuccessful then we guarantee that there will be no charges whatsoever. This means that you are able to instruct us safe in the knowledge that there will be no nasty surprises or hidden charges at a later stage.

We have more information on our no win no fee agreement here.

How important is it that I live Close to my solicitor?

We’ve spent over 20 years working with clients all over the UK.  In our experience, distance doesn’t make much difference when seeking compensation. The crucial issue is that the solicitor you choose to help you with your claim has the necessary specialist knowledge and experience so that you have the very  best prospect of succeeding with your claim.

Naturally not only do you want to succeed with your claim but also receive the best compensation possible and this is why knowledge and experience matter rather than how far your solicitor lives from you.

It’s worth noting that if it is necessary for us to meet with you for any reason then we are more than happy to travel for a face-to-face meeting to deal with any aspect of your claim.

How much is my claim worth?

We are asked this question all the time and very often will be able to give you a good idea when we first speak by chatting through the nature and extent of your claim. The difficulty is that no two claims are the same and there really is no substitute for contacting us to discuss the various elements of your claim so we can give you an indication of its value.

In order to provide a more accurate idea in terms of the value of your claim we will need to take into account liability issues (in some instances there may be a litigation risk and/or arguments raised by the defendant that the compensation should be reduced on the basis of a client’s own behaviour).

We also need to obtain a range of supporting documentation so that losses can be quantified and in a personal injury claim the medical evidence will be crucial in determining the final value of the claim.

However, as mentioned above, we are more than happy to let you have our thoughts about the potential value of your claim when you first contact us.

How long will my compensation claim take to finalise?

This is a difficult question to answer in general terms because the claims that we deal with vary enormously in terms of complexity, value and seriousness.  Once you provide us with the details of your claim we will be able to give you a good idea about how long your claim is likely to take. Please note there may well be unexpected developments during the course of the claim which can take matters longer to resolve.

If we are talking about a straightforward accident compensation claim then it is not unrealistic to say that this could be finalised as quickly as 3 months. You need to be aware though that finalising the claim too soon could lead to it being under settled. For this reason we will always (always!) stress that any settlement is on a final basis and you must be absolutely sure that you wish to finalise matters as there can be no going back!

Whatever the particular circumstances of your compensation claim you can be sure that we will progress matters as quickly as possible with a view to securing you the compensation you deserve.

Will I have to go to Court?

No – for the overwhelming majority of our clients’ cases the claim is settled before a final court hearing and therefore a court appearance is not required. They say that 99% of personal injury claims are settled before any final hearing.

Even if for any reason you did need to attend court then we would of course make sure you are fully supported and are aware of the procedure and process involved. Your barrister would also be there to help you in person before the hearing so that all bases are covered and you are as comfortable about things as possible.