Lifting Injuries

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How Lifting Injuries Happen

It takes only a single accident to sustain a lifting injury where an employee lifts a box and sustains injury. Lifting injuries can also arise when an employee repeatedly lifts a load over and over again. Hernias are most common in the groin and abdomen area although they can occur anywhere between a person’s chest and hips.

Lifting is one of the most common causes of construction injuries. Construction workers often lift heavy objects, such as bricks, concrete, and timber. They may also lift objects that are awkward or difficult to grip. Lifting injuries can be caused by lifting too much weight, lifting improperly, or lifting with inadequate help.

Safeguarding Employees From Lifting Injuries

Clearly, when undertaking any sort of lifting it is necessary to take good care  but the law places an employer under a duty to ensure, as far as possible, that lifting is  eliminated which is not essential.

If the lifting cannot be avoided altogether then the employer must give appropriate training so that the employee is able to carry out the task safely.

The employer will also be expected to carry out risk assessments  to identify the nature and extent of the risks involved and ensure that any risks can be kept to an absolute minimum.

If the employer does not adopt and implement an appropriate health and safety policy employees will be exposed to a greater risk of suffering lifting injuries.

If a lifting accident does occur in these sort of circumstances then clearly the chances of succeeding with a lifting claim will be that much higher.

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