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Scar Injury Compensation Claims – a Step by Step Guide

We hope this easy to follow guide will help you discover all you need to know about bringing your Scar Injury Compensation Claim.

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Scar Injury Compensation Claims – Can I bring a Claim?

Are you eligible to bring a scar injury compensation claim?

Millions of people in the UK have scars arising from lots of different situations such as surgical procedures and accidents.

If you’ve suffered the scarring as a result of someone else’s carelessness and this happened within the last 3 years you may well be entitled to claim.

  • The best way of finding out for sure is by speaking to specialist personal injury solicitor.
  • The injury solicitor will be able to run through the circumstances of the accident.
  • They will also provide an expert opinion about whether your claim is likely to succeed.
  • Don’t be afraid to make contact – so much better to know for sure whether you have a claim that is worth running.


How Much is My Scar Injury Compensation Claim Worth?

There are so many factors that can affect the value of a scar injury claim.

These factors all need to be explored to ensure that the right level of compensation is achieved.

For example compensation for facial scarring will generally be much higher. This is especially the case if it is prominent and easily noticeable.

Scar injury compensation claims will also attract higher awards when the injury is associated with significant psychological difficulties.


First Port of Call when valuing Scar Injuries?

All personal injury practitioners start by referring to JCG (Judicial College Guidelines)  which give broad categories of injuries with indications of their value.

In terms of scar injuries the amount of compensation depends upon where on the body the scarring is situated and its severity.

It’s also relevant to consider whether surgery is necessary and can improve the appearance of the scarring.


Scarring to the Body JCG (14th Edition) 

When scarring is to the body as opposed to the face and is not usually visible compensation awards tend to be lower.

A single large scar, or several minor scars to the limbs which are visible but not prominent is worth around £2080 to £6870.

Compensation for a number of noticeable laceration scars, or a single disfiguring scar to the legs or arms or hands or torso fall into the bracket of £6,870 to £19,930.


How much Compensation for Facial Scarring? 

Compensation for facial scarring is always going to result in much higher awards when compared to scarring to other parts of the body.

Higher compensation for facial scarring is justified on the grounds it is more visible and much more likely to involve an adverse psychological reaction.

The courts will take into account a number of factors when determining the appropriate damages including:

  • The prominence or severity of the scarring;
  • The nature and extent of treatment;
  • The age of the claimant;
  • The impact of the disfigurement upon the claimant subjectively including the extent to which they valued their appearance;
  • The extent to which the injury adversely affects the claimant’s social, domestic and work lives;
  • The psychological impact upon the claimant, which in severe cases may be very substantial.

Under the JCG (14th edition) the following broad brackets of damages are given for facial scarring:


(a) “Very Severe Scarring

In a relatively young claimants (typically teens to early 30s) where the cosmetic effect is very disfiguring and the psychological reaction severe.

£23,740 to £77,580
£26,120 to £85,340
(b) Less Severe Scarring

Where the disfigurement is still substantial and where there is a significant psychological reaction.

£14,320 to £38,600
£15,750 to £42,460
(c) Significant Scarring

Where the worst effects have been or will be reduced by plastic surgery leaving some cosmetic disability. Where the psychological reaction is not great or, having been considerable at the outset, has diminished to relatively minor proportions.

£7,270 to £23,980
£7,990 to £26,380
(d) Less Significant Scarring

In these cases there may be but one scar which can be camouflaged or, though there are a number of very small scars, the overall effect is to mar but not markedly to affect the appearance and the reaction is no more than that of an ordinarily sensitive young woman.

£3,150 to £10,960
£3,460 to £12,050
(e) Trivial Scarring

In these cases the effect is minor only.

£1,360 to £2,810
£1,500 to £3,090



How Can We Help?

Again there is no substitute for talking to us so that you can establish the likely value of your claim by reference to the latest guidelines and case law.

We have a terrific track record over many years.

You can be sure that we will look after you and fight your corner relentlessly.

Spare a moment to have a look at all our amazing client feedback and make the decision to contact us so we can help you.


What Type of Accidents give rise to Scar Injury Claims?

There are a whole range of ways in which a person can sustain scarring injuries including:

Accidents in public places such as cuts and lacerations sustained in a swimming pool or after slipping or tripping in a fall accident.

We have dealt with scarring in the context of cycling accidents when car doors have been carelessly opened into the path of our client causing a nasty laceration to the chest.

Accidents at work can also lead to scarring injuries especially when dealing with hazardous work machinery.

How ever you have suffered your scar injury it’s important you get in touch with the right solicitor who has the right experience to help you with your claim.


How is the Scarring Injury assessed?

There’s no substitute for instructing a consultant plastic surgeon when dealing with scarring injuries.

The court will need an professional assessment from the consultant dealing with a number of matters including:

  • An examination of the claimant;
  • A  description of the nature and extent of the scarring (often the expert will take photographs and measurements of the scarring);
  • Confirmation in relation to whether the claimant has any ongoing pain and suffering arising from the injured area;
  • Any treatment such as revision surgery that might help to improve the appearance of the scarring;
  • The crucial prognosis for the future with an opinion in relation to whether the appearance of the scarring will improve or if it will remain permanently.

Depending upon the nature and extent of the scarring it may also be necessary to organise a psychological assessment of the client particularly if the injury involves facial scarring.

It is easy to see how a disfiguring scar can have a devastating psychological effect upon an individual.

In circumstances such as these a detailed psychological assessment will be required as well as possibly professional treatment to help facilitate the client’s recovery.

Once all the necessary reports have been obtained and been approved by the client they will be used to support the scar injury claim.


What About Liability Issues when Dealing with Scar Injuries?

There are so many different types of accident that can cause scarring injuries.

But how ever your injury was caused it is your solicitors overriding task to ensure that you make the winning arguments.

In a disputed claim whether your claim is eventually successful will depend upon the knowledge, tactical prowess and experience of your solicitor.

In general terms your solicitor will need to demonstrate that:

  1. a “duty of care” was owed to you by the Defendant;
  2. that the Defendant breached the duty by either positively doing something or by failing to do something;
  3. Finally it’s necessary to show that as a result of the Defendant’s actions you suffered harm (causation)

There can be little doubt that you are hugely reliant upon the skills, motivation and commitment of your solicitor. Make sure that you choose wisely.

We cannot emphasis enough that you need to choose your solicitor very carefully and ensure that your solicitor is up for the job and where necessary, the fight!


No Win No Fee Scar Injury Compensation Claims

We know having acted for thousands of clients over the years that there is a real concern about whether there will be hidden charges or nasty surprises.

That’s why we offer a simple and clear No Win No Fee Guarantee:

If we agree to accept your claim on a no win no fee basis then it’s risk free:

  • No Upfront Payments
  • No charging you if you happen to lose…

You’ll never be out of pocket…… although we always take on  your claim with a view to winning and on the best possible terms 🙂


How to Start Your Scar Injury Claim?

  • It’s a simple as picking up the phone and having a chat with one of our friendly solicitors.
  • We’ll be pleased to hear from you and will able to tell you whether your claim is worth pursuing.
  • We have years of experience so you can be sure to rely on their expertise.
  • If you would like us to call you back then please leave us your details and we’ll be right in touch with you.
  • If we can help you then we’ll keep any form filling to a minimum and we’ll be able to set your claim up with the minimum of fuss.

Call us for a no obligation chat and let us take the strain for you.


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