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Personal Injury Solicitors Manchester

Choosing Your Personal Injury Solicitor is a big step. It’s worth taking extra time to get the right fit so there’s no regrets. You can then leave matters in the safe hands of your chosen Solicitor.

No Win No Fee Injury Solicitors In Manchester

If you or your family have sustained a Personal Injury here in Manchester then you’re probably going to need an Accident Solicitor.

  • You will need Injury Solicitors who are very experienced in the field and have a fantastic reputation for taking good care of all their clients.
  • We Specialise in all types of Compensation Claim.
  • Our No Win No Fee Solicitors in Manchester have an unenviable reputation for winning personal injury claims which other solicitors have rejected.
  • We also pride ourselves in securing Accident compensation which exceeds the expectations of our clients.
  • If you’ve been injured in any type of accident then contact us now for free professional advice.


Which Manchester Personal Injury Solicitors are for You?

You have an important decision to make and it’s vital that you do your homework and instruct the right compensation lawyer…..

  • To start with you’ll need an accident solicitor who you know is going to fight your corner.
  • Injury Solicitors who are committed to winning your personal injury Claim.
  • Personal Injury Solicitors in Manchester that have many years of experience in specialising in all types of accident injury claims.
  • Solicitors who have a fantastic track record of results and who genuinely want to help injured people to recover the compensation they deserve.
  • We suggest a small, specialist personal injury team so there’s no danger of you getting lost in the system.
  • It’s important  that you can just pick up the phone and be able to speak with your personal injury lawyer directly about your claim without being past from pillar to post. We make sure each of our clients receive a truly personal service – they could never be just a number to us.
  • A Team that goes the extra mile so much so their client’s want to give wonderful feedback through glowing testimonials and google reviews about their service and the way their claim was handled.

Why Choose Us?

  • We’ve been helping Personal Injury Clients win claims ever since 2007.
  • We have lost count of the number of people over the years we have helped to win their claims.
  • We’ve been around for a Long Time and we are here to offer you a Personal Service like No Other.
  • Receive professional support from a law firm whose specialists pride themselves on offering sympathetic advice in a process that can be overwhelming.
  • Get in touch and call us now if you’ve been injured and are looking for free help from our friendly team of solicitors 🙂
  • Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in England and Wales.


How can our Personal Injury Solicitors Manchester Help You?

As you would expect our team of Personal Injury Solicitors have a vast amount of knowledge built up over many years.

We’ll make sure you are taken care of right through the whole process of making an accident claim.

We know that accidents can be life changing so if you have a particular rehabilitation treatment need or require medical support our team can look at this for you at a time when things can be overwhelming.

Our Specialist Personal Injury Team will take care of you every step of the way so you can claim the compensation you are entitled to and deserve.


We have THE Expertise which Counts:

Accidents in Public Places – We have years of extensive experience in relation to a whole range of accident claims including accidents in supermarkets, DIY stores, restaurants. Slips trips and falls and Swimmimg Pools.


Accidents at Work – These claims cover a wide range of injuries from minor injuries to the utmost severity and in all types of locations such as in a factory or office, indeed wherever you work. We can help you to seek compensation you deserve in circumstances where health and safety rules have been breached. Accidents at work can be down to a range of factors – sometimes it might be faulty equipment or inadequate training or negligence of another employee. Whatever way you have suffered your injuries, our Injury Lawyers Manchester will be able to help you.


Allergy Claims – This is an area which has come under scrutiny in the press in recent times. Nut Allergy Claims can involve really serious anaphylactic reactions. Defendant’s insurers often try to defend these actions so you need a legal expert on your side to fight your corner. Make a claim with us and give yourself the best chances of success.


Beauty Treatment Claims – These types of injuries caused by negligent treatment can have far reaching physical and psychological effects and we are even more aware of the need to handle them with care and sensitivity. Get in touch and our legal team will offer you the services which will support you every step of the way.


Bike Accident Claims – Our personal injury solicitors are well versed in bringing civil actions for bike riders who have suffered injury when out and about in the Manchester area. Whatever the circumstances we will be only too pleased to see if we can help you and your family with your personal injury claim.


Horse Riding Accident Claims – there’s no doubt about it that these types of claim are inherently tricky to win but often involve serious injuries. There are so many reasons why these compensation cases can fail. Our Personal injury Solicitors have years of experience of dealing with horse riding accidents. We instruct leading experts in the field together with highly experienced barristers to give you the best chances of success against those responsible for failing you.


Rejected Personal Injury Claims – Has you been told you your claim won’t succeed? Call us to receive an immediate assessment. We have built our name on winning personal injury claims that have been rejected by other firms. We have the experience to let you know straight away whether your claim is going to be successful (despite what you’ve been told 🙂 )


Road Traffic Accidents – most Personal Injury Solicitors Manchester offer a service for road traffic accident claims but remember the key is to find a firm who are going to look after you from beginning to end. Road traffic accidents in our region happen all to often. It’s worth spending that extra time choosing the right personal injury solicitors in Manchester who can offer you the professional services you require.


Serious Injury Claims – If you need a safe pair of hands to help when the worst comes to the worst you can rely on our personal injury lawyers Manchester who have years of experience helping serious injury victims who have suffered life changing injuries. Our professional service is there to help you or your loved one or family member through the intricacies of the legal process at a time when life can be all to difficult and stressful. Our team of specialists are here to help you or a loved one obtain any treatment required and to value the claim so we can recover every penny of the compensation to which you are entitled.


Claim Compensation Right Here – To Summarise

Contact us to find out what you could recover – as you can see we have a whole range of services to offer and the expertise to help you.

This could be the most important call you make which will finally sort out those responsible for your negligence.

Provide us with all the details and we can start looking to recover compensation for the defendant’s negligence.


How Much is Your Personal Injury Claim Worth?

Personal Injury Solicitors will tell you this will depend on a whole host of factors – every accident compensation claim is different and to a large extent unique.

There are a wide range of factors that will influence the value of your claim including the nature, extent and severity of your injuries.

Clearly when dealing with serious injury then much higher compensation awards are warranted for life changing injuries.


Quantification of Your Compensation – How We Work it Out?

These are the two main sources of information which underpin personal injury valuations within the injury claims process:

Judicial College Guidelines: These set out brackets of damages addressing all different types of injury. These guidelines are normally the starting point for solicitors when assessing quantification.

Case Law: It’s so important that your personal injury solicitor Manchester consults the relevant case law.

We will give you an up to date and accurate valuation.

Your chosen personal injury solicitors in Manchester needs to know exactly what your claim is worth.

We always look for any special personal characteristics of your claim so we can negotiate the best deal for you.

Would you like to know how much compensation you can expect to receive for your injury or illness?

Contact our solicitors now to find out and make a claim.


Our Genuine No Win No Fee Arrangement

We know all too well that many clients are apprehensive about bringing a compensation claim.

One things for sure  – people are often worried about potential legal fees that they may have to pay.

This is why we operate an authorised and regulated No Win No Fee agreement for your accident claim.

You won’t end up paying if things don’t go to plan.

You have no need to worry about being saddled with expensive legal fees or indeed any hidden fees.

This means you can sit back and relax!

Find out more about our no worry funding arrangment here and contact us to make a claim.


How to make the Right Decision when Choosing Your Solicitor?

The message here is to make sure you do your homework so that you choose the right Personal Injury lawyer for you……

  • Make sure you take the time to find out whether your lawyer has a really good reputation.
  • Are client’s happy with the service and just as important the results?
  • Check out Google reviews and Testimonials to see exactly what former clients have to say.
  • Please remember big is not necessarily beautiful – we have client’s who have come to us from big National law firms who feel completely let down.
  • For instance their personal injury claim has drifted after being past from one person to another.
  • Sometimes Client’s personal injury claims have been referred to junior claim handlers who are not qualified or experienced.
  • The problem is that the larger organisations have thousands of personal injury accidents to deal with and sometimes there are difficulties with delays due to case loads that are too high and personal injury claims falling between two stools.
  • It is important that there is one lawyer with responsibility for the client’s claim providing helpful and consistent legal advice.
  • There needs to be good systems in place and communication between the client and the lawyer.
  • At all times the solicitor needs to be sympathetic, courteous and responsive to the client’s needs.

We’re here to help you – Contact us so we can recover the Compensation you deserve…..

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