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No Win No Fee Solicitors serving Rochdale

Carter & Carter Solicitors Rochdale specialise in No Win No Fee Personal Injury Compensation Claims. As experienced No Win, No Fee personal injury solicitors, we are able to provide a whole range of legal services focusing on injury claims.  We help our clients and guide them through the entire claims process for all different types of personal injury claims.

Choose Carter & Carter Solicitors Rochdale to secure the best result. We can help and advise on any queries you may have so you do not need to fret about anything to do with your compensation claim. Your claim is in safe hands with our friendly Rochdale Personal Injury Lawyers, check out our excellent Google Reviews so you can see how happy other clients were.

Carter & Carter Solicitors Rochdale have been helping clients win Work Compensation since 2007 but we have 45+ years’ experience dealing with legal services and claims like yours. We have secured a substantial amount of compensation for people who have made injury claims in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England, the UK and abroad.  As we are based close to Stockport we are also known as being specialist Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport.

Accident At Work Lawyers Rochdale No Win No Fee Claims

Our Solicitors in Rochdale make genuine 100% No Win No Fee work injury claims which means our clients do not have to be concerned about any financial outlay. If your injury claim is unsuccessful it will not cost you a penny.  Click on this link if you would like to learn more about our 100% No Win No Fee claims. Call us any time 24/7.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors Rochdale

If you are searching for a Rochdale Compensation Claim Lawyer who deals with negligence claims you have come to the right website? If you’ve suffered a Personal Injury in Rochdale because of someone’s negligence we can help and will offer you FREE initial advice.

We will speak to you for free and ask for brief facts and data about what happened such as your injuries, financial losses, lost earnings, the affect of the injuries on your day to day personal life, work life and social life.

Which Rochdale Compensation Solicitors to use?

You should be looking for an experienced and specialist Compensation Claim Solicitor in Rochdale with a long track record of winning as well as one who takes pride in excellent client, has a specific claims process for your type of injury claim and who doesn’t use legal jargon so everything is straightforward and you can actually understand how it works and what is going on.

Carter & Carter Solicitors are Rochdale based Personal Injury Solicitors specialising in all types of injury claims including road traffic accidents, clinical negligence, criminal injuries, CICA, medical negligence, trip slip and pothole claims and any accidents at work.

We are 100% No Win No Fee Rochdale Solicitors who for many years have won compensation claims which have been ditched by other personal injury solicitors. Our solicitors can tell straight away if you are going to win as we give you a full appraisal of the strengths and weaknesses so you can decide how you want to proceed with your personal injury claim. Our solicitors in Rochdale are extremely well motivated to win maximum compensation for every one of our Rochdale based clients and we offer excellent services and client care to all our clients.

You can contact our firm by all the usual methods including email, phone, website, text message, facebook, whatsapp and the postal service. Clients often save our mobile phone numbers so they can text us for updates. We deal this way with almost all our personal injury claim clients who prefer texting because it is so quick and does not have to be during normal office hours. Feel free to contact us by text now on 07730 800 678.

Choosing Your Personal Injury Solicitors Rochdale

This decision is very important so let’s go through some points to make sure you receive the best services:

  1. Do your Personal Injury Solicitors in Rochdale deal exclusively with injury claims?
  2. Are they specialist injury claim solicitors?
  3. Are they actually a Claims Management Company who are going to try and sell your claim on to one of their panel Solicitors?
  4. Have they got medical negligence and/or family law experience if that is required?
  5. Do the solicitors have many victories under their belts and have they secured compensation for lots of clients?
  6. Read the solicitors  Google reviews and Testimonials to get a feel for previous clients opinions about their solicitors services – READ OUR glowing feedback.
  7. Just because Injury Solicitors advertise on TV or Radio does not mean they are excellent at what they do. As an example we have many injury clients who have been dropped by their big National law firm because they were told their compensation claim was too hard to win.
  8. Will your Injury Solicitor answer the phone when you ring them or will you be passed around via receptionists and assistants and wait hours or even days for a call back?
  9. Will one experienced solicitor deal with your injury claim from start to finish so you have only one point of contact and are not constantly repeating yourself?
  10. 100% No Win No Fee (CFA) Agreements?
  11. Is the injury claim solicitor telling you that you have to buy an expensive ATE Insurance policy which will be deducted from your compensation? We do not do this.
  12. Are these professional solicitors in Rochdale and their law firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)?

Rochdale Work Accident Solicitors at Your Service

As a guide, our lengthy experience and depth of knowledge in personal injury claims and medical negligence claims has been built up over 45+ years. One Personal Injury Solicitor will deal with your work injury claim from start to finish and the process which your personal injury claim follows will be explained to you at the very start in a simple and straightforward way so you can understand what is going on and how your claim is moving forwards. Call us on 01663 761 890, tell us your name and lets discuss what happened.

Professional Legal Advice and Services

Our team handle a large variety of legal work which covers many different types of injury claims:

Accidents in Public Places  in Rochdale – basically any indoor or outdoor accident in a public place such as parks, farms, the countryside – almost anywhere you can think of really

accidents in supermarkets – we get calls from injury clients who have these types of accidents regularly and the cause of the accident and personal injury is wide and varied from slipping on liquid to being rammed by a trolley.

DIY stores – again we receive many calls from injured clients who have been hurt at DIY stores. Examples include shelves falling down to products falling out of their packaging and hurting people, sometimes seriously


Slips trips and falls

Swimming Pool accidents

Accidents at Work in Rochdale – our expert solicitors will support you and make sure you receive work accident claim compensation after giving you initial legal advice for free about your chances of winning.  Each client does deserve an immediate assessment on the prospects of winning their work negligence compensation claim.  If you phone us now our friendly solicitors will tell you what you need to do, what information we need and for work accident claims, we will inform you about RIDDOR reporting requirements. Our Solicitors in Rochdale can provide assistance with your personal injury claims against whichever firms are involved. We can help with any accident at work claim and will offer good impartial advice. We are open for contact 24/7 and frequently speak to client even when our solicitors are at home.

Allergy Claims in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England, the UK and abroad– our solicitors in Rochdale have been handling food allergy claims for many years. Food allergies can kill people. We are very experienced with a long track record of success with food allergy claims.

Nut Allergy Claims in Rochdale and beyond typically involve serious and occasionally fatal anaphylactic reactions. Restaurants, pubs, hotels and virtually all food outlets we deal with will, in our experience, deny blame, suggest it was the client’s own fault, deny liability and try to fight off a food allergy compensation payment. You must get nut allergy claim solicitors with specific expertise in nut allergy claims to represent you. They are often denied so you need a solicitor who is going to stand their ground and sue the responsible party rather than dumping you as a client when the going gets tough. We regularly issue injury claim court proceedings against companies and individuals who refuse to accept blame when our client could have been killed. We regularly act for clients who have had an allergic reaction to nuts, used their Epi-Pen and had to go to Hospital after suffering an allergic reaction.

Mobility Scooter Claims – we have made lots of mobility scooter injuries compensation claims for people who have been injured by someone driving a mobility scooter in an unsafe manner. People who have been driven into in a super market whilst they shop, people who have been hit by a mobility scooter whilst loading their shopping onto the conveyor belt at the checkout and people who have simply been hit on the pavement by a careless mobility scooter driver.

Beauty Treatment Claims Rochdale– Beauty treatment claims occur after someone has been injured as a result of a beauty treatment and they need to make a beauty treatment injury claim. Sometimes we deal with these as medical negligence claims depending on the facts. We regularly deal with beauty treatment claims where the treatment has gone horribly wrong including:

  • eyelash extensions
  • eyebrow tints
  • semi or permanent lip liner
  • semi or permanent eye flicks
  • IPL laser hair removal
  • waxing

Our beauty treatment injury claim solicitors in Rochdale are focused on ensuring that all injury cases are dealt with quickly and correctly. Beauticians, therapists and practitioners who do not carry out patch tests in advance of some beauty treatments cannot know if you are going to have an allergic reaction to the products used be they glue, tint or dye.

Rochdale Hair Damage Claims – hair damage claims became even more frequent due to the COVID lockdown as customers struggled to book with their normal hairdresser and instead went to someone they had not met before. Over-processing hair is a major issue but we instruct trichologists to assess hair damage, prepare a medico-legal report and then proceed to recover maximum compensation.

Rejected Personal Injury Claims – If your local Rochdale solicitor took your claim on and then told you that your accident claim was unlikely to win please call us and we will be able to advise you on your rejected injury claim. Our work accident injury solicitors have acted for hundreds of clients where different solicitors refused to deal with the injury claim because they were worried that they would not win. Whatever your injury claim type, get in touch with us now.

Rochdale Road Traffic Accidents – Most high street Personal Injury Solicitors Rochdale take on road traffic accident claims. These are probably the easiest claims to deal with so if your claim is taking months and months if not longer something may not be right. You should instruct a firm of solicitors with expertise, professionalism and lots of experience to win your whiplash accident claim quickly and for the maximum amount of injury compensation. Our road traffic accident solicitors have collectively dealt with many thousands of road traffic accident claims.

Other areas of law – If we cannot help you, we can direct you to another solicitor who can. Examples are family law, conveyancing, wills, probate, some medical negligence and some criminal injuries compensation, any area really.

How much is my Personal Injury Claim worth?

As Personal Injury Solicitors Rochdale who represent Claimants, we use our wealth of experience and other sources of information to decide on the exact value of your personal injury claim:

Judicial College Guidelines (JCG): These JCG guidelines list almost every injury type and are the first port of call for work accident injury solicitors when placing a value on a compensation claim.

Case Law: Every Rochdale Injury Solicitor should have paid for Lawtel which allows personal injury solicitors to search for other cases like yours and see how much that injured person received in compensation. This way we can precisely value your Rochdale personal injury claim. If personal injury solicitors can’t access this Lawtel case law it is going to be difficult for your Rochdale solicitor to correctly advise you on the true value of your claim.

100% No Win No Fee Agreement – CFA

We are well aware that clients worry about making a personal injury compensation claim including work accident claims. We do not want our customers fretting about paying legal fees. We use a regulated and authorised 100% No Win No Fee agreement (aka CFA). Every one of our claims experts use the same No Win No Fee Agreement for all Rochdale compensation claims ranging from industrial accident claims to road traffic accidents.

To find more information today about our No Win No Fee solicitors and our 100% No Win No Fee no worry funding arrangement here.

How long have I got to make a Personal Injury Claim Rochdale

A three year period to make a personal injury claim usually starts on the day of your accident or the day you’re injured. You then have three years from the date of your accident to issue Court Proceedings against the responsible party. To ensure victory, your Rochdale injury solicitors need to commence an injury claim as quickly as possible and without a doubt within the 3 year limitation period. If you do not do this, you could be prevented from making a claim under the government legislation Limitation Act 1980 because you have left it too long.

because……if you don’t ask you’ll never know!


Meet the Author

David Healey has worked in the legal profession since 1999 and qualified as a solicitor in 2005. He has successfully settled thousands of personal injury claims and recovered millions of pounds in compensation for victims. He handles personal injury litigation at Carter & Carter Solicitors and has specialised in the field of personal injury for 25+ years.

David is a hands-on solicitor who deals with every aspect of the claim from start to finish. He will be ruthless in his quest to secure his clients the best result possible having honed his legal skills during a very varied career.

To learn more about David, the team at C&C Solicitors and the legal services they offer, please visit   or speak to David on 01663 761 892