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Claims Against the Police after Assault

David Healey, a specialist serious injury Solicitor with Carter & Carter Solicitors deals with claims against the Police.  In one example where compensation has been paid by the Police, he said:

“We were instructed because our client was at a friend’s house when, for reasons unknown, the Police were called to the address and our client was arrested and handcuffed.  Our client alleged that he was assaulted by a Police officer but did not know where to turn so he came to us to see whether we dealt with claims against the Police due to the injuries he had suffered.  We agreed to act on his behalf to secure police assault compensation.”

Claims Against the Police due to Assault

“This claim against the Police was made due to the heavy handed way in which they dealt with our client.  As far as our client was aware he had done nothing wrong but was treated in an unpleasant manner which resulted in him being injured and the decision to make a claim against the Police.  The Police failed to take any adequate care for the safety of our client and used unnecessary force when putting him into the Police vehicle which resulted in him banging his head on the door frame.  Fortunately, the incident was captured on another Police Officer’s Headcam which recorded the evidence which was crucial in bringing a successful police assault compensation claim.”

Conclusion for Claims Against the Police 

“Our client suffered injury as a result of this incident despite having done nothing wrong.  We sought to show that the police used unreasonable force against our client while putting him in the police car when none was necessary.” 

How can Carter & Carter Solicitors help with Claims Against the Police?

David Healey at Carter & Carter Solicitors is very experienced in handling claims against the Police and all types of serious injury and is a specialist dealing with accident compensation claims involving fatalities, catastrophic injuries and amputations.

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