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£50,000 Compensation for Window Cleaner in fall from ladder claim

David Healey, a specialist serious injury Solicitor with Carter & Carter Solicitors dealt with this fall from ladder claim and said:

“Our client was employed as a domestic window cleaner by the Defendant Employer.  On the day of the accident the weather was not great and he was being encouraged to rush, all the while using a set of ladders.  At first glance it sounds like a bizarre concept; a window cleaner has a fall from his ladder, is seriously injured but receives compensation.  I was recommended for an accident at work compensation claim and agreed to take the case on despite the obvious complexities.”

Liability/Blame in a fall from ladder claim

“This case threw up a number of issues, not least, what is wrong with using ladders as a window cleaner?

The Work at Height Regulations and the Work Equipment Regulations were crucial.   His Employer had to ensure that the windows were not cleaned by using a ladder where it was “reasonably practicable” to carry out the work safely from the ground.

His Employer had a duty to consider using other window cleaning equipment instead of ladders and it was clear that the windows could easily have been cleaned  from the ground using a water fed hose system or even more simply with a telescopic pole.  These pieces of equipment are so cheap that in our opinion, the Employer should have bought them for the Employees to avoid a fall from ladder claim.”

Treatment and Care

“My client was seriously injured as a result of the fall and it was clear he needed extensive rehabilitation as quickly as possible to help him both physically and psychologically.  We arranged an extensive package of rehabilitation which also included a taxi account to get him to the various appointments.  One of the big hurdles with a serious injury is not only overcoming the physical symptoms but also the negative effect it can have on your state of mind, outlook, relationships and so on.  To give our client the best chance of recovery he had a whole range of rehabilitation.”


“Our client suffered very serious injuries as a result of this avoidable fall from ladders.  I do not believe that window cleaners or any other employees should be using ladders in this day and age as they can be extremely dangerous and falling from them can result in injuries which can cause lifelong problems.” 

How can Carter & Carter Solicitors help with your fall from ladders claim?

David Healey at Carter & Carter Solicitors is very experienced in handling accident compensation claims relating to all types of serious injury and is a specialist dealing with accident compensation claims involving fatalities, catastrophic injuries and amputations.

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