Holiday Accident Claim after balcony fell from Spanish Hotel

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Holiday Accident Claim after balcony fell from Spanish Hotel

Our client has been awarded substantial compensation after he made a Holiday Accident Claim when part of a Hotel balcony collapsed and landed on him.

Circumstances of the Holiday Accident Claim

David Healey, a specialist Holiday Accident Claim Solicitor with Carter & Carter Solicitors, said:

“Mr P of Manchester was on a Package Holiday staying at a Hotel in Majorca.  As he was sitting on his hotel balcony enjoying the sun, all of a sudden he was hit on the head by a 6ft x 2ft piece of glass which had fallen from the balcony above.  He suffered laceration to his head, neck injuries as well as severe headaches.  When he got home he took immediate steps to find a Specialist Solicitor so he could make a Holiday Accident Claim.”

Holiday Food Poisoning claimLiability/Blame for the Holiday Accident Claim

 “Even though his accident happened in Majorca, we reassured him that we could make a Holiday Accident Claim directly against the Package Holiday Company under Regulations which cover this exact thing.  Had he not booked a Package Holiday he could have been in a difficult situation as he would have had to employ a Spanish Solicitor and bring a Holiday Accident Claim in Majorca under Spanish law which would be very difficult and costly.

We wrote to the Tour Company and presented them with all the evidence about the Holiday Accident Claim including photographs of the scene and invited them to accept fault for what had happened.  Despite their insistence that they were not to blame we convinced them that they were, they altered their stance and agreed that they were to blame and that they would compensate Mr P.” 


“This Holiday Accident Claim was caused through no fault of his own and yet his holiday was ruined,” said David.  “Hopefully the settlement will enable him to book another Holiday where he can forget about this incident once and for all.”

How can Carter & Carter Solicitors help with your Holiday Accident Claim?

Carter & Carter Solicitors are experienced in handling Holiday Accident Claims and Package Holiday Claims relating to all types of serious injury and are specialists in dealing with accident compensation claims involving fatalities, catastrophic injuries and amputations.

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