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  • Expertise and Understanding from Carter & Carter Solicitors Rochdale. Choosing Rochdale Solicitors is an important step.
  • We can assist and advise on your questions so you don’t need to worry. Leave your claim with our Rochdale Personal Injury Lawyer.
  • Carter & Carter Solicitors have been helping Compensation Claim Clients since 2007 but our staff have over 40 years’ experience in helping people with claims like yours.
  • We have won a huge amount of compensation for clients who have made compensation claims in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England, the UK and abroad; anywhere basically.


Personal Injury Solicitors Rochdale No Win No Fee Claims

All our Personal Injury Solicitors Rochdale Claims are 100% No Win No Fee which means you don’t need to worry about financial risk because if your claim is not successful it won’t cost you anything.  Click here to read more about our genuine No Win No Fee.


No Win No Fee Injury Lawyer Rochdale

Looking for a Compensation Claim Lawyer dealing with negligence? If you have experienced Personal Injuries in Rochdale due to negligence then we can give initial advice for free.

We will ask for fact from you, the matters at hand such as your suffering, losses, figures, lost earnings, pain, symptoms, illnesses, recovery, effect of the accident on your life, any GP entries, care and assistance.


What Compensation Solicitors do you need?

Find an experienced firm of specialist Compensation Claim Solicitors with an impressive track record for taking excellent care of their claims and have a specific claims process.

We are Rochdale based Personal Injury Solicitors who Specialise in every type of Compensation Claim including road traffic accidents, clinical negligence, criminal injuries, CICA, medical negligence, slip and potholes negligence and accidents at work.

Our 100% No Win No Fee Solicitors in Rochdale regularly win compensation claims which have been rejected by other solicitors.

Our solicitors also are highly motivated and secure the maximum compensation possible for our Rochdale clients and we also provide great services to all clients.

You can contact us by email, phone, website, text message, facebook, whatsapp and the good old traditional post.


Choosing Rochdale Personal Injury Solicitors

This decision is very important so let’s go through some points to make sure you receive the best services:

  1. Do your Personal Injury Solicitors in Rochdale specialise in accident claims?
  2. Are they specialist solicitors?
  3. Do they have medical negligence or family law experience if necessary?
  4. What about a solicitors excellent victories record and winning maximum compensation?
  5. Look at the solicitors  Google reviews and Testimonials to see what previous clients said about their solicitors services – to READ OUR REVIEWS click here glowing feedback.
  6. Big nationwide solicitors firm which advertises on TV and Radio is not necessarily best – we have lots of clients who have come to us from these big National law firms as they felt they had been let down by their previous solicitors services.
  7. Make sure just one solicitor has responsibility for your injury claim and that your personal injury claims are not getting passed about from person to person
  8. Is there a 100% No Win No Fee (CFA) Agreement in place?
  9. Are you been forced to take out an expensive ATE Insurance policy? You won’t by us.
  10. Are the professional solicitors in Rochdale and law firms regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority?


Personal Injury Solicitors Rochdale at Your Service

As expected our vast experience and knowledge in personal injury compensation and medical negligence claims has been built up over 40+ years. We will look after you from start to finish and the procedure for your personal injury claim will be very simple and straightforward. Call us on 01663 761 890?


Expert Legal Advice and Services

We deal with a vast array of legal work covering lots of different types of claims, such as:

  • Accidents in Public Places  in Rochdale – anywhere public either indoor or outdoors that you can think of
  • accidents in supermarkets in Rochdale – these happen more often than you think – signs falling onto people, shelves collapsing, spillages on the floor not being cleaned up
  • DIY stores – we have dealt with a vast array of these from slips and trips, shelves collapsing to items falling from shelves or even falling out of their insecure packaging and injuring people
  • Restaurants
  • Slips trips and falls in Rochdale
  • Swimming Pool accidents in Rochdale
  • Accidents at Work in Rochdale – our solicitors will help you secure work accident claim compensation and give you free initial legal advice.  You receive an immediate assessment of the chances of winning your work negligence compensation claim.  Call our solicitors now and we will advise you on your next steps and we can advise you about RIDDOR reporting requirements. Either way our Solicitors in Rochdale will be able to help you with your injury claims and accident at work claim.

Rochdale Allergy Claims – our solicitors have dealt with allergy claims for years, long before they were regularly being reported in the media. There are awful examples of the law and regulations being broken where people may have failed to follow the stringent regulations relating to food allergies.   We have dealt with lots of different allergy claims such as:

nuts including peanuts

  • sesame seeds
  • soya
  • egg
  • beans
  • fish
  • milk
  • banana
  • gluten
  • molluscs
  • wasp stings

Rochdale Nut Allergy Claims can involve very serious and sometimes fatal anaphylactic reactions. We regularly see that even when an allergen is not listed on their menu, the defendant will do or say almost anything to help derail a claim, deny liability and avoid a compensation pay out. You need an accident solicitor with substantial expertise in this area to act for you and secure the right result. We regularly sue companies and individuals who refuse to accept any wrongdoing which may have left our client in Hospital after suffering an allergic reaction to say nuts which was avoidable.

Rochdale Beauty Treatment Claims – Beauty treatment injuries can have serious psychological repercussions and must be dealt with extra care and diligence. We are highly aware of the damage these type of treatments can cause and the need to be appreciative of the client’s needs which are often very subjective.

Our solicitors work very hard to ensure you are correctly advised and represented. Practitioners who fail to carry out patch tests before certain beauty treatments are asking for trouble as they have no way of knowing if a client is going to suffer an allergic reaction to the glue or tint.

Rochdale Hair Damage Claims – we deal with a lot of hair damage claims which has become more prevalent as a result of the COVID lockdown because people are struggling to get into their usual hairdresser and are going to someone they have never met because they can’t wait to get their hair done. Over-processing of hair is a huge problem and we use leading trichologists to assess the damage, write a report and secure the very best compensation.

Rochdale Bike Accident Claims – Our personal injury solicitors team have plenty of expertise making compensation claims for clients who have been injured injury when cycling in Rochdale. Bike accident claims and cases often lead to serious injuries, grazes, bruising, cuts and broken bones.

Rochdale Rejected Personal Injury Claims – If you have been advised by your local Rochdale solicitor that your accident claim isn’t going to win we would recommend that you call us to assess your rejected claim. We get immense satisfaction winning claims which were rejected by previous solicitors who thought it was hopeless. We have helped hundreds of clients where other solicitors did not think they would win. We are not talking small compensation amounts either, some clients have recovered £25,000 or more because we have been so helpful!

Rochdale Road Traffic Accidents – Lots of Personal Injury Solicitors Rochdale deal with road traffic accidents claims on the street you must remember that you need a firm of solicitors who have expertise, professionalism and experience to win your accident claim quickly and for the right amount of injury compensation.

Other areas of law – If we cannot help you we will be able to give you the contact details for solicitors who can, such as for family law, conveyancing, wills, probate, some medical negligence, etc.



What’s the Value of a Personal Injury Claim?

Lots of factors affect the value of your personal injury claim. No two accidents are alike and all need to be considered on their own merits. The first question is the nature, extent and seriousness of your accident injuries and how long it will take you to get better.

If you have severe injuries which are possibly life changing then the amount of compensation can be huge. Personal Injury Solicitors who represent Claimants use their experience, the information to hand and other sources to decide on personal injury valuations:

Judicial College Guidelines (JCG): The JCG guidelines set out almost all injury types and are the starting point for personal injury solicitors who are valuing a compensation claim today.

Case Law: Make sure your Rochdale Injury Solicitor has paid for a resource like Lawtel to search relevant case law which can help accurately value a Rochdale personal injury claim. If they don’t have access to the latest case law how can your Rochdale solicitor hope to advise you properly with a proper and reliable valuation? The more serious your injuries, the more important it is to check Lawtel and the case law.



No 100% No Win No Fee Agreement – CFA

We understand that clients feel apprehensive when it comes to making a personal injury compensation claim. We don’t want our clients worrying about having to pay any legal fees. We have an authorised and regulated 100% No Win No Fee agreement used by all our claims experts for everything from road traffic accident to brain injury.

Find out more about our solicitors and No Win No Fee no worry funding arrangement here.



How long have I got to make a Personal Injury Claim Rochdale

The 3 year period to make injury claims normally starts when your accident happens or you are injured, you have 3 years from the date of your accident to issue Court Proceedings. To make a successful claim, your Rochdale solicitors will need to start the claim process as soon as possible and definitely within the three year period or you could be barred from making a claim under the government legislation Limitation Act 1980. Please don’t just do nothing.



Proven Expertise with Compensation Claims

David Healey at Carter & Carter Solicitors is very experienced in handling Compensation Claims as well as a variety of other accident compensation claims such as medical negligence claims, criminal injuries compensation, serious claims, road user fatalities, trip, catastrophic and fatal damage, illness claims, whiplash, scarring, cyclist, pedestrian, car passenger, carriageway accidents, animal accidents, workplace claims and amputations to name just a few.

because……if you don’t ask you’ll never know!