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Decisions to make

Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport

Choosing a Stockport Personal Injury Solicitor is an important step. We can help you run through all the important questions so there’s no regrets. You can then leave matters in the safe hands of your chosen Solicitor.

Decisions to make

No Win No Fee Injury Solicitors In Stockport

Are you looking for Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport?

If you have suffered Personal Injuries here in Stockport then you’re arrived at the right place!

What Injury Solicitors will Work for You?

  • You will need an experienced firm of specialist Solicitors who have a great reputation for taking good care of all their clients.
  • We are Stockport based Personal Injury Solicitors who Specialise in every type of Compensation Claim.
  • Our No Win No Fee Solicitors here for you in Stockport have a reputation for winning personal injury claims which other solicitors have rejected.
  • We also are passionate securing Accident compensation which exceeds the expectations of our Stockport clients.


Choosing the Perfect Stockport Personal Injury Solicitor for You

We know how important this decision is for you so lets run through some pointers that will help you instruct the right compensation lawyer…..

  • Naturally your personal injury solicitor will need to be prepared to fight your corner.
  • Your Personal Injury Solicitors will have to be fully committed to winning your injury Claim.
  • Do your Personal Injury Solicitors in Stockport actually specialising in accident injury claims?
  • What about having a terrific winning record and receiving maximum compensation?
  • We know  how important it is for you to receive a truly personal service so you have no chance of being left behind.
  • You’ll also need to have the confidence of being able to speak with your personal injury solicitor directly and without any hassle.
  • Above all make sure you choose personal injury solicitors that always go that exta mile and that this is reflected by there being lots and lots of glowing feedback.

Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in England and Wales.

We’ve been helping Personal Injury Clients just like You ever since 2007.

We’ve here to offer you a Fantastic Personal Service so you can relax knowing that your injury claim is being take care of by pro-active injury Solicitors.


Specialist Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport at Your Service

As you would expect our knowledge in the field of personal injury compensation and negligence claims has been built up over many years.

We’ll look after you from beginning to end so you can be sure the process of making your personal injury claim will be as simple and straightforward as possible.

If you have specific rehabilitation needs or require particular medical support we can look at finding this for you so you can can get back on your feet.


Our Expertise Comes as Standard 🙂


  • Accidents at Work –  Whatever type of  accident at work injury you have suffered our solicitors will be able to help you claim compensation.  If you contact us we will give you an immediate assessment of the prospects of successof your work compensation claim.  There are a wide range of  issues that can lead to a successful injury claim. It might be slips trips  or an injury from lifting ; whatever the injury we can help you.There is no substitute for calling our solicitors so we can let you know exactly what your next steps should be. Either way our Personal Injury Lawyers Stockport will be able to help you with your accident at work claim.


  • Allergy Claims – This is an accident area which our solicitors have specialised in for many years. There have been some quite shocking examples of breaches of the law where defendant’s have failed to abide by the strict legal obligations that they are under.  Nut Allergy Claims can involve really serious anaphylactic reactions. Our experience is that Defendant’s insurers will often try to resist paying out compensation  so you definitely need an accident solicitor with the necessary expertise and experience to represent your interests.


  • Beauty Treatment Claims – We know that thsese types of injuries can often have far reaching pychological reaction and need to be handled with extra care and sensitivity. We pride ourselves in being acutely aware of the need to be receptive to all our clients needs. This is an area where our solicitors will work hard to make sure our clients are properly looked after.


  • Bike Accident Claims – Our team of personal injury solicitors have experience in bringing civil actions on behalf  of clients who have suffered injury when cycling in and around the road network in Stockport.  Bike accident claims can involve nasty injurys and whatever the circumstances of your accident we will be only too pleased to see if we can help you.


  • Horse Riding Accident Claims – this type of personal injury compensation claim are difficult as there are so many reasons why a client can be injured whilst on a horse. These claims are hard because whilst the accident may not have been the Client’s fault its often not easy being able to pin the blame upon the Defendant.  We have years of experience in assessing and bringing Horse Accident Riding Claims and you should not hesitate to call us so we can take the full details and let you know what we think. We commonly instruct leading experts in the equestian field together with highly experienced injury barristers to give you the very best chances of success.


  • Rejected Personal Injury Claims – If  you’ve been told by your Stockport solicitor that your accident claim won’t succeed then it would be definitley worth your while calling us to receive an immediate assessment. It gives us extra special satisfaction to win claims that have been rejected by other solicitors. We have literally lost count of the number of claims which we have won where the original solicitor advised there were not propspects of success!  Over the years we have built our reputation on winning claims that have been rejected by other solicitors. We have the experience to let you know straight away whether your personal injury claim is going to be successful (despite what you’ve been told 🙂 )


  • Road Traffic Accidents – Although most Personal Injury Solicitors Stockport offer a service for road traffic accident claims it’s important to  remember the key is to find a firm of solcitors who have the experience, expertise and commitment to see your accident claim through. We will always look after you and your road traffic claim from begining to end. That in itself is worth holding on to! Stockport Road Traffic Accidents still need special care and attention. We recommend spending the extra time considering things so you end up choosing the right personal injury solicitor for your road traffic injury claim.


  • Serious Injury Claims – It’s as important as ever that you are satisfied that you can rely on your Stockport solicitor to handle your serious accident injury claim sensitively and with the right amount of care and committment. No Win No Fee is available here too.


Valuing Your Personal Injury Claim?

There are many factors which will influence the value of a claim – each accident claim is not alike and needs to be assessed individually.

The starting point will be the nature, extent and severity of your injuries and in particlar the long term prognosis. If the injuries are serious and life changing then the higher up the scale the amount of compensation.

Personal Injury Solicitors rely and consult the following sources of information when assessing personal injury valuations:

Judicial College Guidelines: These guidelines set out in broard terms  the various tpes of injury and are usually where personal injury solicitors start when looking at the possible value of a claim.

Case Law: It’s crucial that your Personal Injury Solicitor Stockport has the resources to refer to the he relevant case law. Without access to up to date case law how can your solicitor hope to advise you correctly with an accurate valuation? As a matter of practice we will always consult the latest case law and naturally will look to negotiate the best deal for you.

How much compensation do you think you can expect to receive?

Contact us now to find out.



Our No Worry –  No Win No Fee Arangement

We know for sure that Clients will often feel worried about bringing a compensation claim.

In particular clients are not surprisingly concerned about the possiblity of having to pay legal fees.

  • For this reason we have put in place an authorised and regulated No Win No Fee agreement.
  • You have no need to worry because  you won’t end up paying if things don’t go to plan – guaranteed.
  • There’s no chance of  being saddled with any solicitors fees or hidden fees.
  • This means you are able to instuct us without any financial worries or concerns.

Find out more about our No Win No Fee  no worry funding arrangment here.



Choosing Your Solicitor – Making the Right Decision.

Weigh up all the important issues for you……

  • Has your solicitor’s firm got a really good reputation?
  • Are past client’s happy with the service and the overall outcome?
  • Take the time to look at the  Google reviews and Testimonials to see exactly what former clients have to say about their personal injury claims.
  • Please remember a big solicitors firm is not necessarily best – we have may examples of client’s who have come to us from big National injury firms who feel completely let down.
  • It is important that there is one senior professional solicitor with responsibility for the client’s  injury claim.
  • Is there evidence of good sytems of work in place which facilitate good communication between the client and the solicitor?
  • Is there a genuine No Win No Fee Agreement in place?
  • At all times the Stockport solicitor needs to be sympathetic, courteous and responsive to the client’s needs.

So please call us so we can discuss your accident compensation claim and meet all your expectations.

We will work relentlessly to make sure that you get the compensation you deserve 🙂

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